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Final Expense Script – What is the Final Expense Script?

Final expense planning is an important aspect of financial planning that many people tend to overlook. This type of planning involves preparing for the expenses that come at the end of life, such as funeral costs, outstanding medical bills, and other expenses. Final expense planning can help ensure that your family has no burden with these costs after you pass away.

One way to approach life insurance planning is through the use of a final expense telemarketing script. A FE script is a document that outlines the details of your final expenses and how they will be paid. This script can be used as a reference for your loved ones and can help ease the burden of making decisions during a difficult time. ( Final Expense/life insurance Script)


final expense script


A final expenditure script should have the following critical components. These include:

  1. Funeral arrangements: This section should outline your preferred funeral arrangements, including whether you want a burial or cremation, and any specific requests you have for the service.
  2. Service providers: This section should list the names and contact information of any service providers you have chosen, such as funeral homes or cemeteries.
  3. Payment arrangements:  This part includes information on how you plan to pay your last expenses, such as any insurance policies, savings accounts, or other funds that you use to pay your expenses.
  4. Outstanding debts:  This part includes a list of any outstanding obligations that will pay your expense after your death, such as medical bills or credit card debt.
  5. Beneficiaries:  This section includes the names of any beneficiaries who will receive your funds left over after your final expense costs meet.

Creating a FE script can be a daunting task, but it is an important one. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can ensure that your loved ones have no burden with unnecessary expenses during a difficult time.  Script for FE leads

Here is a sample life insurance script to help you to start:

Final Expense Script

Name: [Your Name]

Funeral Arrangements:

  • I’d prefer a [burial/cremation] service.
  • I would like the service to be held at [funeral home name and address].
  • I would like the service to include [specific requests, such as music, readings, or speakers].

Service Providers:

  • Funeral Home: [Funeral home name and contact information].
  • Cemetery: [Cemetery name and contact information].

Payment Arrangements:

  • I have an insurance policy with [insurance company name and policy number] that will cover [amount] of my final expenses.
  • I have a savings account with [bank name and account number] that can be used to cover any additional expenses.
  • I have discussed my final expenses with [family member or financial advisor] and they have agreed to cover any remaining costs.

Download the FE Script

Outstanding Debts:

  • I have [no/limited] outstanding commitments to pay after my death.


  • Any remaining funds after my final expenses are paid should be distributed to [list of beneficiaries and their contact information].

Remember to keep your funeral insurance script up to date as your circumstances change, and to communicate your wishes to your loved ones. By doing so, you will get help to ensure that you are already paying for your final expense and your family has no burden with extra charges during a difficult time.

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