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Final Expense Call Back Leads

You can get access to real-time final expense leads in your desired area at a low price of $10 each. These leads are fresh, even though they are 24 hours old, and are meant only for you. We never share these leads with anyone else.

Why Final Expense Leads Pro

As a leading provider in the industry, Final Expense Leads Pro specializes in delivering high-quality Final Expense leads tailored to the needs of insurance agents. Our experienced team offers customized lead packages designed to maximize sales potential for every agent.

Final Expense Call Back Leads

With a track record of serving over 8,000 Final Expense agents across various agencies and organizations, Final Expense Leads Pro is the trusted choice for generating final expense leads. Our simple and low-risk "Pay-Per-Lead" system allows you to focus on income generation while we handle lead generation efficiently.

Whether you're an up-line, personal producer, or new to Final Expense sales, Final Expense Leads Pro welcomes you. Invest in your insurance business with a consistent flow of Final Expense Leads from us, and experience the difference firsthand!

Remember '6 Steps for Each Lead Type'.

Telemarketing Edge

Our customer service representatives are highly trained professionals fluent in English. They are skilled in life insurance and Medicare basics, as well as sales techniques.

Scrubbed Data

Sales data is cleaned and made TCPA compliant before being uploaded to our advanced CRM dialer. Our state-of-the-art system enhances efficiency to maximize lead generation, keeping costs low for agents.

Quality Control Process

When a senior expresses interest in Final Expense options, the call recording is forwarded to management for review. This quality control process ensures that leads are only sent to agents who have requested more information.

What makes our final expenses the best?

"Here's What Makes the Best Life Insurance Leads for Agents"

Seriously Exclusive

Get rid of the competition for shared internet leads among 25 agents. Choose our service and receive exclusive access to these leads. No other agent will receive them.

More Appointments

Presenting Final Expense life insurance to more leads can increase sales closure. The more leads you present to, the more sales you can close.

Affordable Pricing

Consistency and affordability of lead sources are critical for success in the insurance industry.

No Cold Calling Required

Let us take care of prospecting for you so you can focus on selling without cold-calling strangers or buying data lists.

Fast Delivery

Once you place an order with us, you will start receiving leads within 24 hours. These leads are no older than 24 hours.

High Closing Ratios

Agents who have an effective follow-up process in place tend to do exceptionally well with these leads. Check out our blog for closing tips.

Our services include providing leads.

  • Interested in a final expense plan?
  • Name
  • Age
  • Current address
  • The best contact number
  • Best time for a callback
  • Coverage amount (5k or 10k or 20k or + )
  • Beneficiary
  • Favorite color
  • Bank Account
  • Recording of each lead
  • Replacement Policy

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