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Final Expense and Medciare Live Transfers

Optimize your time-closing leads with live transfer Medicare and final expense life insurance leads

How dose final expense live transfers work?

Harvesting low-hanging fruit can be a lucrative short-term prospecting strategy for some insurance agents, but by not following up with leads that don’t buy right away, they could be missing out on long-term possibilities. Final Expense Live Transfers For other agents who have a solid follow-up process in place, the daily grind of chasing down uninterested final expense live transfers leads can be taxing. Both types of agents can benefit from adding exclusive final expense live transfer leads to their daily prospecting routine. By getting insurance leads in real time, you avoid the hassle of having to track them down yourself. These real-time life insurance leads and Medicare Supplement leads can help you connect with prospects instantly, cutting follow-up time by 90% and multiplying your commissions exponentially. Spare your sanity and your time by only dealing with interested insurance leads who call you via Final Expense Live Transfer.

Final Expense Leads Pro

"Learn how we create live transfer leads at affordable price"

Telemarketing Edge

Our telemarketers find interested prospects who have not taken action yet, and transfer them to an agent at half the cost of traditional live-transfer internet leads.

Live Transfer Scripts

To generate high-quality live transfer leads, we utilize customized scripts to assess each lead’s health and interests before connecting them with agents. Click to view our Final Expense script.

Sales Data

Our highly efficient predictive dialing software uses TCPA-compliant data to maximize productivity and lower lead costs for insurance agents.

Pre-Qualification Process

Cancer, stroke, and heart attack are the three major health conditions most often declined by insurance underwriters. Therefore, we screen for these critical illnesses before connecting with agents to pre-qualify live transfer leads.

Targeted Prospects

Whatever your plan is, our theme makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire.

Transfer To Agent

Once a lead has been pre-qualified, it is immediately transferred in real-time to an agent. If the agent is unable to answer the live transfer, a telemarketer confirms that the agent will call back shortly. In such cases, the lead is promptly delivered via email.

How do telemarketing live transfers stack up against other leads?

Compare To Other Lead Methods

Standard Telemarketing Leads

Live transfers are more qualified and delivered directly to agents, making them easier to handle than standard telemarketing leads.

Shared Internet Leads

Whatever your plan is, our theme makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire.

Other Live Transfers

Choose twice the telemarketed live transfers over questionable internet leads. Maximize your resources and get better results.

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FE Leads Pro Advantage

We Don't Compete With You

It is unacceptable that some lead generation companies allow their agents to sell insurance policies. This represents a clear conflict of interest that undermines the integrity of the lead generation process and can result in harm to clients. At Final Expense Leads Pro, we take a firm stance on this issue and prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in our lead generation operations. We do not tolerate any activities that compromise our clients' trust or the quality of our services.

Best Service In The Industry

Are you tired of being kept on hold or waiting for an indefinite duration to receive support? We understand the importance of timely assistance and that's why we make sure that our clients receive a response within 24 hours. Our team of experts values your time and we strive to provide prompt solutions to any queries or concerns you may have. We believe that quality customer service is pivotal to the success of any business and we are committed to delivering an unparalleled experience to our valued clients.

No Resold Live Transfers

Upon receipt of your leads, rest assured that they will remain exclusively yours and will never be resold to another agent. We take pride in maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and their data. Therefore, we guarantee that your leads will be kept secure and will not be shared with any third-party.

Easy Online Ordering

In order to safeguard your personal information, it is recommended that you refrain from submitting payment forms that may potentially benefit lead companies. By doing so, you reduce the risk of your sensitive data being exploited. It is essential to prioritize the security of your personal information, as any breach in privacy may result in detrimental consequences. Therefore, it is highly advised that you remain vigilant and cautious when sharing your confidential details.

Professional Ethics

As an organization, we remain deeply committed to conducting all business with the utmost integrity, and this includes our billing practices. Our clients can rest assured that we maintain the highest ethical standards and that our billing procedures are transparent, fair, and reliable. At no point will you have any reason to doubt the credibility of our billing practices, and we will always strive to ensure that you are satisfied with the services we provide.

Replacement Policy

In the context of live transfer leads, it is imperative to ensure that the transfer of a lead to an agent is done with the lead's explicit consent. However, in the rare case where a lead is transferred without their consent, it is our policy to replace the lead. We value transparency and ethical business practices, and we strive to maintain the highest standards of customer service. Therefore, we take any breach of trust very seriously, and we will undertake all necessary measures to ensure that our customers receive the best experience and the highest level of satisfaction.

Note To Agents

Final Expense Leads Pro is committed to delivering exceptional value and leads to insurance agents. Therefore, we initiate live transfers only for agencies or teams with at least three agents available to take calls. Our experience has shown that smaller teams and individual agents are often too busy to answer incoming leads instantly. Therefore, smaller teams and individual agents will receive instant email notifications of the generated leads. They will have to call back immediately to secure the leads.

Here Is What We Provide In the Final Expense Live Transfer

Here Is What We Provide In the Medicare Live Transfer

Final Expense Live Transfers

  1. Prospect Name
  2. Age (50-80)
  3. Phone Number
  4. Complete Address
  5. Coverage Amount
  6. Beneficiary
  7. Savings or Checking Bank Account (Yes or NO)
  8. Health Condition (Making sure no one is suffering through any serious health condition)
  9. Proper prospect introduction while transferring

We are pleased to offer live transfer leads with a 120-second buffer time at a cost of $25 per lead. This option provides you with a real-time phone call transfer to you or your team, enabling direct communication with the potential customer and raising the likelihood of a successful sale.

Medicare Live transfers

  1. Quality Medicare leads with prospect’s data and attached recording MP3.
  2. Medicare Live Transfers have a 180-second buffer time.
  3. (We’ll call on Opt-in data to send you the prospects who are looking for Medicare.)
  4. Qualifying Criteria:
  5. Medicare Parts A and B must be active.
  6. 64 years of age or older.
  7. Decision Maker.
  8. DOB.
  9. Secondary plan or not!
  10. Physical Address.
  11. Full NameWe will provide you with leads from all over the US.
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